Custom sheet metal for unsightly solutions and exterior designs

Custom sheet metal is a versatile and innovative resource for elevating exterior design, going well beyond its traditional application for the creation of roof gutters. Our portal,, exemplifies how it is now possible to quickly and conveniently take advantage of this technology, allowing users to order custom-bent sheet metal in just a few clicks and receive it directly at the construction site or home in no time.

The evolution in the use of press-bent sheet metal has marked a turning point in the aesthetics and functionality of exterior coverings. No longer confined to protection against the elements, custom sheet metal now lends itself to the creation of coverings that offer solutions to structural eyesores, such as concealing pipes, cracks, or other architectural imperfections. This new perspective allows the transformation of visually disruptive elements within a structure’s profile, integrating the sheet metal harmoniously with the surrounding environment.

Bent sheets for covering walls and pipes on facades

A highly refined application of custom sheet metal involves the design and the creation of bent sheets intended to elegantly cover walls and pipes on building facades.

This approach not only provides a highly impactful aesthetic solution but also adds a protective layer to the underlying structural elements. Today, it’s possible to precisely customize the dimensions and shape of the sheet metal, ensuring a perfect fit for the specific surface to be covered.

Custom sheet metal solutions for exterior design

Custom sheet metal stands out not only for its functional applications but also for the numerous design possibilities it offers, excelling in both exterior and interior environments. Its growing popularity is evident in the increasing trend of using press-bent sheet metal to create interior and exterior design elements, revolutionizing the traditional concept of architectural design.

Externally, custom sheet metal lends itself beautifully to various applications. From roof cladding that gives buildings a modern, industrial look to canopies that combine functionality and aesthetics, sheet metal blends harmoniously with its surroundings.

Its adaptability allows for covering not just horizontal surfaces but also for shaping vertical decorative elements that add a distinctive touch to facades and exterior walls. Covering unsightly elements such as pipes or architectural blemishes becomes a creative opportunity to transform these visual impediments into intriguing and integrated design features.

Inside spaces, custom sheet metal offers endless design options that go beyond its traditional use. The ability to shape unique forms, experiment with innovative textures, and play with a wide range of colors enables the creation of decorative elements that turn interior environments into aesthetically captivating experiences. Wall panels, partition structures, custom furniture, and other decor elements can be crafted from sheet metal, adding a contemporary and industrial touch to living and working spaces.