How to protect balcony fronts: maintenance tips and tricks

Balconies are often a much-loved area of the home where you can enjoy the sun, fresh air and outdoor spaces. However, like any other part of the house, balconies also require attention and maintenance to preserve their functionality and beauty over time.

Among the most important parts of the balconies is the front, which is the lower part of the parapet that extends horizontally outwards. But, being exposed to atmospheric agents and direct sunlight, the faceplate is subject to damage and wear over time. It is therefore important to carry out regular checks and maintenance interventions to prevent the front panel from being damaged and compromising the functionality and aesthetics of the balcony. But even more important is to implement interventions to protect it.

What is a balcony front?

The front of a balcony is the front part of the extrados, i.e. the lower surface of the balcony, which faces outwards. In practice, it is a sort of cornice that can have different shapes and sizes and which contributes to the aesthetic appearance of the balcony.

Balcony fronts are subject to wear and corrosion due to continuous exposure to atmospheric agents. To preserve the balcony fronts and keep them in good condition, it is important to carry out regular checks and maintenance interventions. For this reason, it could be useful to regularly check the balcony fronts for any signs of damage or corrosion, and then intervene promptly to prevent the problem from worsening. Another important thing is to regularly clean the balcony fronts to remove dust, leaves or other debris, using products specific to the material they are made of.

How to protect balcony fronts?

To avoid intervening after the balcony fronts have been damaged, it is obviously always better to find a solution to protect the balcony fronts and preserve the beauty of your outdoor spaces, to best enjoy the your home and your balcony.

Among the most used materials are folded sheets. In particular, folded sheets can be applied to the front of the balcony to prevent the penetration of rainwater or other atmospheric agents, such as snow or hail, which can damage the surface of the balcony.

To apply bent sheets to the balcony faceplate, you need to follow these steps:

  • First of all you need to choose the right folded sheet metal, made of the best material based on your needs, not only aesthetic but also functional, and the shape that is most congenial to the aesthetic harmony of the structure. For this reason it is possible to order on the custom-made folded sheet metal flashings for each type of aesthetic and functional requirement. You can start from a profile and then customize it according to your needs, or you can create an ad-hoc profile using the “Design yourself” tool. will deliver your bent sheet metal directly to your construction site;
  • Once the bent sheet metal has been obtained, we move on to installation. The advice is to always use the support of professionals in the sector. For installation, the first thing is to prepare the surface of the balcony front, making sure it is clean and dry;
  • Position the folded sheets on the front panel of the balcony, making sure that they cover the entire surface of the front panel and that they are well adherent;
  • Fix the bent sheets to the balcony front using suitable screws or nails, so that they remain firmly in place. Also in this case can supply accessories for assembling gutters and downspouts;
  • Once the bent sheets have been fixed to the balcony front, a layer of protective paint can be applied to the surface to ensure greater resistance to atmospheric agents.